• 2012: Music album “Goblet of eternal light”
Composer and Tanbur player: Maestro Ali Akbar Moradi.
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• 2010: Music Album “Sarkhaneh”
Composition in the Old Iranian Music Style, composed by: Payam Jahanmani, Ehsan Zabihifar, Said Kordmafi & Said Nayebmohamadi.
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• 2009: Motion Picture Score “Mandoo”
Director Ebrahim Saeedi, Composer Ali Samadpour.
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• 2008: “The Opera of Ashura”
Director Behrouz Gharibpour, Composer Behzad Abdi, Ukraine National Orchestra with Veladimire Sirenko Conducting.
• 2008: Music album “This Corner to That Corner”
A Collection of Iranian Songs for Children, Composer Leyla Hakim Elahi, Executive Conductor Payam Jahanmani.
• 2007: Motion picture score “Among the Clouds”
Director Rouhollah Hejazi, Composer Ali Samadpour.
• 2007: A piece for Vocal and Symphony Orchestra “Moses and the Shepherd”
Composer Behzad Abdi, with Ukraine National Orchestra, Vladimir Sirkeno Conducting.
• 2006: “Bare-foot in Paradise”
Motion picture score, Director Bahram Tavakoli, Composer Ali Samadpour.
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