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Sarkhaneh – 2010

March 15, 2018


Album of “Sarkhaneh” consisting of a collection of songs, composed according to the old music style, has entered the market. Based on Dr. Sasan Fatemi’s idea and by the inspiration of old music composing methods, the album has been published by Mahoor institute.  The two CDs of this album contain 9 tracks. Payam Jahanmani, Ehsan Zabihifar, Said Kordmafi, Said Nayeb Mohamadi and Sasan Fatemi are the composers of the album and the following musicians participated on its production:

Kamancheh, Kamancheh Alto, Chorister: Ehsan Zabihifar

Tar: Payam Jahanmani, Ehsan Emami

Tar & Bam Tar: Kourosh Danaei

Setar: Babak Rahati, Hamid Reza Pour Fazl, Hamid Sokouti

Oud, Chorister: Saeed Nayeb Mohamadi, Mohamad Reza Ebrahimi

Oud: Negar Bouban

Kamancheh Alto: Samer Habibi

Santur: Said Kordmafi, Sourena sefati

Dayereh: Hamid Ghanbari

Dayereh, Chorister: Behzad Mirzaei

Dayereh & Tonbak: Farid Kheradmand

Vocals: Bahar Movahed, Soulmaz badri, Mehdi Emami, Mojtaba Asgari, Ramin Bahiraei

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